Is this thing on?

I used to hate the idea of a junk drawer because sometimes it’s nice to have all your ducks in a row, a place for everything. But life isn’t Better Homes and Gardens, as much as we would all like it to be.

Countless times I’ve been in search for a certain something that seemed absolutely necessary in that moment. More often than not, to my relief, it would be in the junk drawer, which has served as an underappreciated dwelling place for misfits that every once in a while prove to be vital. This blog is an ode to junk drawers everywhere. It’s a collection of all my random yet seemingly vital thoughts that haven’t fit the bill for an English paper, newspaper article or family dinner table discussion.

The “live from” part is just a play on Saturday Night Live, my holy grail. The way I operate when I write goes something like this: I’m going about daily Lauren life and WHAM an idea hits me like a brick so I have to write down the idea immediately or else the creative burst is gone. Conversely, I can’t make myself sit down in write. I don’t know how faulty that is in order to be a writer but you can’t always make a horse cross a river because what if one day it just doesn’t feel like it? (Kudos to those who are picking up what I’m putting down.) Along those same lines sometimes you just can’t come up with a fitting analogy. Whatever. **shrugs**

I also have no idea where this blog is going. But you know how junk drawers get overwhelmingly stuffed and disorganized and if you don’t clean them out your kitchen/office will be consumed by it? This is pretty much a spring-cleaning of my ideas in this junk drawer that I call a brain. Otherwise a Spanish assignment could very easily turn into my ideas about how politicians should make music videos to “Single Ladies” before running for office.

So consider this a home for my nomadic musings where reading will most likely require a hearty sense of humor. Live from my dorm room, this is Lauren’s brain.


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