Up Where We Walk

When I was younger, there was nothing I wanted more than to be a beach bum.

I think it all started with my love for dolphins and the Little Mermaid, when I was the proud owner of the worn out VHS, Ariel costume, and CD-ROM game. (Tangent: Is it just me or do people get ridiculously territorial over their Disney obsessions? I’ll hear a girl be like “Oh my gosh, Lion King was my FAVORITE as a kid” and then someone else will chime in and be like, “OH LION KING WAS MY ISH I HAD ALL THE SONGS MEMORIZED AND A LION KING BED SPREAD AND I WANTED A PET LION AND I VISITED DISNEY WORLD 27 TIMES DID YOU?” Like whoa, we can all like Lion King here, back up. Or people like to be trendy and claim Mulan as their favorite princess because she wasn’t really a princess. I should make a separate post psychoanalyzing Disney’s effects on people. But I digress.)

So back to me as a wannabe surfer. My favorite NFL team was the Dolphins (unknowingly betraying the Colts at the age of five, much to my dad and brother’s dismay). Our family vacations mostly comprised of beach vacations, and being a kid from Indiana, the ocean was the coolest thing since Wonder Balls. I was convinced that I was MADE to live by the ocean, so I used to wear board shorts and rash guards and Roxy suits not only at an actual beach but also at the pool back home in the Midwest. My mom always told me I was the calmest baby out of my siblings, so essentially I belonged on the laid-back coast. Rad amiright?

I’m still obsessed with the beach today but I’ve grown to appreciate my hometown. Indianapolis is freaking awesome and if you disagree with me then I urge you to take a closer look. Downtown, Broad Ripple, Fountain Square, Meridian Kessler, SoBro, Mass Ave, and other areas I’m forgetting right now. I could talk about the local culture in Indianapolis all day long but that’s another story for another day. Even then I’m pretty sure I still wouldn’t be able to come up with the words for how much I love the city. And even though I still feel like I’d be down to live on island time for a bit, my allegiance is permanently to the Colts (because let’s be honest, I went through a horse phase too.)


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